Arthur Carlton-Jones

Path to Eagle

Archaeology Merit Badge

Historic London Town

Edgewater, Maryland

Merit Badge Class

Jessie Grow - Lost Towns Project

May 22nd, 2010

This was a very fun merit badge, but it was very difficult and time consuming because you had to do eight hours of work divided between Lab Work and Field Work.


I originally came out on the 1st of April and got to learn all about projectile Points (Arrow Heads) and made a Pinch Pot (Indian Style) and did three (3) hours of Lab work sorting through various pieces of stone and pottery taken from the floor of a Public House which included Clay Pipes & Pots, and I cleaned them very carefully.


I even found a projectile point that was accidentally put in the wrong bag.  I realize this because it already had a serial number on it, and I don't think ancient Indians used serial numbers (ha ha)


I came back on the 22nd of May and did a further 5 hours Field work, sifting through dirt and digging with a trowel in the burning sun.  (See pictures below)



I got to do Field Work with other volunteers


And More Field Work


And even more Field Work