Arthur Carlton-Jones

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Home Repairs Merit Badge

Nature Center on the Go

Westminster, Maryland

Merit Badge Class

Brian Kristol Merit Badge Counsellor

August 26th, 2011

Home Repairs Merit Badge

I enjoyed this Merit badge and it was a lot of fun because I got to repair a lot of stuff like a toilet, stairs, electrical wires, tiles, curtains, window screens, Electrical Outlets, Fences, and a lawnmower.

There were 6 Scouts in the class, most of whom were younger boys


Mr. Kristal, the Merit Badge Counsellor is an Eagle Scout himself


First we had the To Do List (Also known as the Merit Badge Requirements)





We did Plumbing



and Tubing



and Screen Doors


and Curtains



and Caulking



and More Caulking



and Fencing



and Stairs



and Mower Repair



and Electrical Outlets



and more Electrical reapairs which required Teamwork