Arthur Carlton-Jones

Path to Eagle

Horsemanship Merit Badge

Carousel Park

Wilmington, Delaware

Merit Badge Class

Horsemanship Merit Badge Counsellor

October 17th, 2009

This was a very fun Merit Badge, and as I was a young scout, I was still getting a taste for what merit badges were like, and it certainly gave me a very good experience.


I really liked cleaning the horse's hooves, which most other people were not very enthusiastic about.


I also had a lot of fun riding the horse.


There were two different horses with different saddles; Western and English.  I thought that I would lke the Western Saddle more because it had the horn, but it turned out that the stirrups were too far down, and my legs couldn't reach them very well, so I wound up prefering the English Saddle.


I enjoyed learning how to lead the Horse


We learned all about the Horses


And got to Groom the Horses




And of course, we got to ride the horses.