Arthur Carlton-Jones

Path to Eagle

Troop Positions

The purpose of this page is both to document the positions that I have held in my Troop, and when I held them, but also to provide Assistance to others who would like to hold these positions, to help them in their jobs, if possible.


The first position that I held in Troop 185 was that of Chaplain Aid, for which I served from May of 2010 through November of 2010.  (I was elected twice)  I really enjoyed this Position because I got to lead the prayers at the end of each Scout meeting, campout and Scouting Event.



I was elected Troop Librarian in November of 2010, June of 2011, November of 2011, and again in May of 2012. 


We didn't actually have much of a library, and much of what we do have is quite old, but because I have been working on quite a few merit badges, my parents allowed me to donate the 50+ merit badge pamphlets that we already had, and I made color-coded three-ring binders with covers and individual pockets for them (and those that we would be able to add later) as well as individual sign out sheets for the merit badge pamphlets.


It was my hope that this would allow us to keep the pamphlets organized and track how they were being used.  I have uploaded the Word Files that I created for this purpose, and they are linked below.


Note: For the binders, I used Avery 1 Inch Durable 3 ring Binders (9 Inches by 7 Inches) and Binder Inserts (5 inches by 8.5 Inches) which fit the Merit Badge Pamhplets snugly, both of which I got at Staples.


They are free for anyone who wants to use them.  All that I would ask is that if they are useful to you, that you let other people know about them too, and try to do something useful for Scouting in return without asking for any recognition or reward.




I was elected one of several Troop Guides in June of 2011.  In this position, I worked with several of the younger and newer scouts to teach them Knots and other Scout related Skills.

I was elected Troop Bugler in November of 2011, and am looking forward to this position, and have been practicing the Bugle for some time so that I can work on the Bugling Merit Badge.


As Mr Taylor, the Scout Master says, "Louder is Better".

After being appointed Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in September of 2012, I was elected Senior Patrol Leader in October of 2012.


I expected that a Leadership role would not be easy, and I have not been dissapointed, but I continue to work to be the best SPL that I can.