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April 26th, 2011

This a relatively new Merit Badge.  I learned about Geocaching before I worked on the merit Badge and found several caches in Salisbury.


I enjoyed working on this one, but it took some time becuase I had to plan and run a geocaching game for others, to teach them about Geocaching and Cache in Trash Out.


I also found several Geocaches in Florida when I was visiting my Grandparents for Christmas.


Geocaching can be a very useful tool for teaching about Leave no Trace, while making it fun.



First I taught Cub Scouts and Family members How to Geocache


They split into two groups, they took turns hiding candy, Programming the GPS coordinates and then having the other group search for them.


Geocaching is fun and easy.  Even Younger Sisters can figure it out.



Then I set up a Geohunt for Cub Scouts at the Salisbury Zoo



They worked together to find several Geopoints.  (The "caches" were Animal Exhibits)



They found them all, including the Bald Eagle (We are Scouts after all)



I found a Geocache in Florida (At the BSA Building - where else)



This one had me climbing rocks



But I found it.  I like Geocaching