Arthur Carlton-Jones

Path to Eagle

Entrepreneurship Merit Badge

Nature Center on the Go

Westminster, Maryland

Merit Badge Class

Brian Kristol Merit Badge Counsellor

August 25th, 2011

This a great Merit badge because I got to learn about different business concepts, and how to sell things in the best possible way which is very useful for life (not the rank)


I learned that just because you like something, it is not necessary a good business model, and you have to make something that actually works, and other people will pay for.


I also learned that it is important to know how much something costs to make and whether it will be profitable and worth the effort.


There were 12 Scouts in the class of varying ages and ranks


Mr. Kristal, the Merit Badge Counsellor is an Eagle Scout himself


Our first product was a Marshmallow Shooter.  We had to figure out the Materials, how much they cost, and then assemble and test our product.


This was the First Version




The product needed to be tested for shooting range.



Our second product was Homemade Ice Cream, and we competed in teams to come up with the Best Flavor.  My Team came up with Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Hersheys Chocolate Bar Vanilla Ice Cream.  First we had Product Development



Then Came Production.



Our Ice Cream was judged the best, and the prize was that our team got longer barrels for our Marshmallow Guns.  In the real world, as Entrepreneurs, our prize would be more income and therefore not going out of business.  There would be no prize for second place!