Arthur Carlton-Jones

Path to Eagle

Fishing Merit Badge

Let's Go Fishin' Guide Service

Baltimore, Maryland

Merit Badge Class

Scott Sewell, Merit Badge Counsellor

October 16th, 2010

For two years, I had not caught a single fish!


Now, however was my chance to catch my first and earn the Fishing Merit Badge at the same time.


I went on a bass boat at Gunpowder Falls with Captain Scott Sewell, during the aftermath of a Hurricane, which made it difficult to keep the boat in one place.


It also, makes steel cables fight like a real fish as my father demonstrated twice (ha ha ha)


I caught a few White Perch, which I learned how to pick up, and I also caught a trout, however, it was nine days before season so I could not keep it.


I also caught a Spot, and even a Crab.


When I got home, I Gutted, Fileted, Cooked and Ate my fish (Yummy)




I caught a fish


And another fish


I even caught a Crab


And this is one of the fish that I took home and cooked for dinner (White Perch)