Arthur Carlton-Jones

Path to Eagle

Fly Fishing Merit Badge

River's Edge Outfitters

Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Merit Badge Class

Fly Fishing Counsellor

July 6th, 2010

This was a very fun Merit Badge.


I don't really understand why people don't get it very often, but it is very interesting to actually be able to see the fish in the water, but still not catch them.


The rods that people use for Fly Fishing come in four segments which you lock together which makes them very flexible, but also portable, and the "flies" that you use for bait are all indivdually had crafted and made out of hairs, feathers, buttons and other materials, Including Rooster Feathers


(Ha ha, ha, one of the girsl in my class even has a roster feather in her hair - which no doubt someone bought in a Fly Fishing store.  Perhaps next time I go fishing I will take her with me so that I will have bait.)


While I was there, there was a massive distraction which was in the form of a Large and Fluffy cat which insisted on sitting in the middle of the table on which we were looking at flies and working with the Fly Rod.  Perhaps he thought there might be some free fish if he made friends with me.




Here I am learning to fly fish


Obviously, there is a lot of waiting.


And even more waiting, but it was fun!