Arthur Carlton-Jones

Path to Eagle

Climbing Merit Badge

Philadelphia Rock Gym

Valley Township, Pennsylvania

Merit Badge Class

Jake Brakney, Merit Badge Counsellor

November 14th, 2010

This Merit Badge was a lot of fun and was very exciting both climbing and belaying, however, rapelling was very scary.


I climbed up six or so different rock walls of varying difficulties, and belayed for people while they did their climbs.


I also learned to tie all of the belaying knots, as well as all of the ones that you tie to yourself.


Then, at the end of the class, it came down to doing three rapels.  The first one, we did for practice on a chair, next we went up a small rock wall on the second floor, and we each did a practice rapel down the short side.  Then we climbed up again, and had the choice of going off the short side again, or the long way down.  I was very nervous about this, however I decided to go down the long way and was very glad that I did.



This was the class


First we learned about the Equipment



Then we got Geared Up


Then we "Learned the Ropes" so to speak


Then I climbed Up


And Up


And Up


And Eventually Reached the Top


And then . . . Oh No, you mean I have to go down now?


And Down


And Down


And Down


And . . . Victory!